DJ Broadhurst – Professional DJ from Bolton, Manchester

DJ Daniel Broadhurst is a multi-genre DJ from Westhoughton who has held residencies at venues in Bolton, Wigan & Manchester for over 10 years. DJ Daniel Broadhurst also produces his own Original music alongside Remixes and Re-Edits. Over 10 years ago DJ Broadhurst started off playing Indie & Rock Music in Bolton where he and John William Leather ran Kico Club in Bolton. The venue was the main Indie Rock venue in Bolton. After they moved on from the club DJ Broadhurst moved on to playing a wide range of genres in Manchester at Artisan, Alchemist New York Street, Dry Bar, Lock 91, Mahiki, Be At One and School for Scandal. DJ Broadhurst now plays anything from R&B, House, Disco, Soul & Motown, Indie Rock to create a party atmosphere where ever he is playing. Picking music from the 60’s right through to the modern day popular chart music.

DJ Broadhurst Residencies

Alchemist, New York Street, Manchester – website

The popular Manchester venue is the perfect backdrop for the House music which is provided by DJ Broadhurst. Soulful Deep House and House Classics are played throughout the night to provide a smooth soundtrack to the evening.

Artisan, Spinningfields, Manchester – website

DJ Broadhurst has worked at the Artisan, Manchester venue for over 5 years. Artisan, Manchester now has a separate Bar beneath the Kitchen. You can catch DJ Daniel Broadhurst either upstairs or downstairs playing an eclectic selection of R&B, Disco Classics, Electro-pop, Indie, Nu-Funk & Nu-Disco music.

Blind Tiger, Bolton – website

The Blind Tiger in Bolton has recently closed it’s doors to the public. It was situated on Nelson Square and was the main Live Music venue in Bolton. The club hosted weekly Indie Rock Club nights. DJ Daniel Broadhurst played classic Indie Anthems thrown in with some guilty pleasures to ensure a credible party atmosphere!

DJ Broadhurst is also part of the Suck DJs which he formed alongside John Leather in late 2007 when they started to run Indie Rock Club nights at Kico Club in Bolton. They have gone on to perform at Y Not Festival, Rewind Festival and Beatherder and still do one off shows together. For more information on Suck DJs –LOOK HERE

If you would like to find out about my music productions then follow one of the links below ;

DJ Mixes – website

DJ Broadhurst often records mixes at home in Bolton to test out new mixes and songs. There are also some Live Recordings of DJ Daniel Broadhurst from venues in Bolton and Manchester. The mixes are multi genre, containing anything from R&B, Disco, House, Indie Rock, Soul & Motown.

Deep House & Disco Podcast – website

The Deep House & Disco Podcast has been created by DJ Broadhurst in Bolton, Manchester to showcase the latest and greatest House and Disco music which is released. These DJ Mixes which DJ Broadhurst curates and mixes for your listening pleasure, feature the latest Deep House & Disco style music.

Disco Re-Edits by DJ Daniel Broadhurst – website

Re-Edits created by DJ Broadhurst .These Re-Edits are Disco, Funk & Soul records which have been edited into DJ Friendly mixes which are modernised for the dance-floors of today. Expect to get your feet moving to these DJ mixes.

Re-Edits by Ensoul – website

Ensoul is the latest DJ/Producer name which DJ Broadhurst has taken on board to release his Edits under. Editing some of his favourite forgotten Disco records into modernised dance floor records.

Original Productions – website

DJ Daniel Broadhurst’s latest Original Productions. In his home studio in Westhoughton, Bolton. DJ Broadhurst will spend time creating music using the latest production tools.

Remixes / Remix Competitions – website

Remixes by DJ Broadhurst which are for Remix Competitions. These can give good exposure to his sound. Check out his winning remix of Tosca‘s “Looking” which was hosted by !K7 Records on Beatport Play.

If you would like to Book DJ Daniel Broadhurst to play at your Event or Enquire about having your song remixed by DJ Broadhurst then please use the Contact page which is hosted – HERE


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